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“Inclusion Health: Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller Communities – what can the NHS do?” - Shared screen with speaker view
katharine Quarmby
Hi everyone, I’m at a library so on mute/no camera but nice to meet you all. I’m doing a project, funded by Paul Hamlyn, looking at the intersection between Traveller sites are located and health - my initial investigation is here: https://bylinetimes.com/2021/05/24/systemic-racism-within-a-rigged-system-new-investigation-reveals-how-travellers-sites-are-routinely-placed-in-risky-locations/ - do feel free to contact me if you want to know more on Katharinequarmby0@gmail.com. It’s done in partnership with many GRT organisations
Angela Bartley
Great thanks Katharine
Richard Fradgley
That’s a pretty shocking statistic.
Rikke Albert
Agree - very stark data
Richard Fradgley
Fantastic presentation Michelle, thank you for presenting these insights… am going to hand over to Angela now.
Michelle Gavin
Emma Freda
Hear hear Michelle!!
Emma Harper
Melanie Clarke
There is an excellent article by George Monbiot in the Guardian today, titled "The UK is heading towards authoritarianism: just look a this attack on a minority", which focuses on the effect of the systemic and legal barriers facing travelling, nomadic and homeless peoples, focusing on the new policing bill and historic legal inequalities facing these communities. Friends, Families and Travellers is cited in the article.
Elliott White
Hi all - great talks about serious gaps in the way health systems meet the needs of people. I wanted to ask the group, does anyone know of a way of linking a public health/population health framework to individual assessments of need. We're looking for a way of linking these two levels up to inform service resource allocation - without falling back on medical mental health diagnoses - based on the needs of people who rely on any services.
katharine Quarmby
›Great presentation Michelle! I have to head off now but thank you all for such a great webinar
Angela Bartley
Please type any questions in the chat for any of our presenters today
Sue Giles
Hi, thanks for this very useful information. Can I ask if you have any advice to support families from travelling communities (as needed) to 'trust' social care so they can access support, and that they will not take children away (or are unlikely to)? Thank you!
Suzanne Tang
Ines - are there examples of good practice/case studies for how trusts have supported wider health and wellbeing of inclusion health groups?
Rikke Albert
I'm sorry I will have to go but very informative session
Heather Heseltine
Hi, I work in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Bedfordshire and Luton and am interested in how we can reach the traveller community to ensure they are aware that our services exist and are available to them if they need to use them. Perhaps Michelle and/or Helen may be interested in attending our stakeholder meetings or whole staff meetings?
Laura Gill
Hi Heather
Laura Gill
I am the Operational lead for the CAMH schools team in CBC so would love to connect with you Helen and discuss if we can collaborate in the future?
Laura Gill
laura Gill
Angela Bartley
Maybe the cultural training is something we organise for ELFT if we have different teams wanting to access this ?
Finola Cullenbrooke
Yes please - I was going to ask how best to go about this.
Melanie Clarke
I would definitely be interested in cultural awareness training.
Laura Shrieves
I think specific training for teams in Bedfordshire would be really great; I know my team would really find this useful
Lorna Varley
Thank you